Meat Export Products

Our core business is the export of meat from Ireland to industrial and commercial clients across Northern Europe, with meat wholesale a growing part of our business now across Ireland.

Irish MeatWith decades of experience in our team, we provide a complete solution to meat supply for industrial and commercial clients across west and north Europe. We export a huge range of meat products including unusual cuts and all the essentials such as fresh meat joints, burgers and sausages with a focus on pork and beef. The product is comprehensive including sourcing, supply and delivery to wherever you require, with all meats guaranteed to be produced and delivered in line with EU statutory regulations.

A huge range of meat products including beef, pork, ham and bacon
One call to our team and we quickly take care of the rest; typical orders of popular products can be scheduled almost immediately and we are always happy to search out specific requests. One of our more popular bespoke orders is for less common and unusual cuts of both beef and pork; this extensive capability to supply products comes as a direct result of our time in the business and wide network of contacts.

Supplying meat processors and wholesalers working at an industrial scale we can deliver by the truck to fulfill even the largest volume requirements, utilising our own delivery fleet in the UK and Ireland and high quality, trusted partners across the rest of Europe.

Meat wholesale for clients throughout Ireland
A quickly developing part of our business is in wholesale supply of beef and pork to commercial business such as farm shops, caterers and large butchers. Using our own fleet of delivery vehicles we can quickly turn orders around to ensure you get really fresh meat exactly when you need it.

McAdam Food products are an Irish meat export and wholesaling company that specialises in beef and pork wholesale products delivered throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland, and the export of meats into the UK, Germany, Denmark and much of Northern Europe. Arranging all supply logistics and even sourcing of unusual meat cuts we supply to industrial meat processing clients in England, Scotland, Wales, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, Finland, Portugal, Luxembourg, Spain, Norway, France, Italy, Sweden and Austria.

Whatever your requirements for beef and pork from the high quality and welfare friendly Irish meat industry, speak to us at McAdam Food Products for a comprehensive supply solution; contact us today to learn more from one of our experienced team.